The best we've got, to give you the best there is.

Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre wedding shoot to help us tell your love story

Source Footage

Receive all of the raw footage from the day so you can relive every. single. moment…

Sneak Peak

Receive an extra one minute trailer for your film within three days of your wedding. 

Extended Pre Planning

Meet up in the weeks before your wedding to scout ideal locations, discuss key moments of the day and plan out every shot

Bridal Preparation

One of our filmmakers joins the bridal party before the ceremony to capture the preparations and excitement before the big moment

Extra Videographer

Two videographers covering the entire day giving you complete coverage from multiple angles 

Full Ceremony

Record the entire service, including arrival of bridal party and guests, with a two camera setup and professional sound to capture every special moment

Midnight Reception

Capture the action on the dance floor and around the reception until midnight 

4 Camera Setup

Every angle covered, don’t miss a thing

Groom Preparation

 Because he’s worth it too!

4k Video Drone

Bring the production value of your video to the next level with sweeping fly-bys and soaring cinematic shots


Record the full reception, including photo shoots, location shots, pre-dinner greetings, and full speeches

Friends Booth

Personal well wishes, greetings, and ill-conceived impromptu singing performances from your nearest and dearest recorded on the night

4k Ultra HD Futureproofing

We make sure your video stays at the cutting edge of home theatre for years to come by filming the day in Ultra HD 4K format 

Three Final Videos

Receive a one minute trailer, a five minute short to share on social media, and a feature length (60-120 mins) long video

Private Cloud Hosting

Password protected upload of videos to share privately with family and friends

Rain Check

If your wedding day comes wet (hello Ireland) we’ll come back on a sunny day for wide drone shots of your locations and of our couple

Hand drawn Credits

We will design a one off credits sequence for you and you alone, based on your wedding theme, interests, and personality

Soundtrack Recording

We will record your wedding music from the ceremony on multi directional professional microphones and provide the songs as individual audio tracks in your final package

Speedy Delivery

Your work will go straight to the top of our queue, and you will start receiving your first videos back within 28 days, an industry leading turnaround time.




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