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Welcome to Irish Eye Wedding Videography. We are one of Ireland’s leading wedding videography teams. We make superb, cinematic wedding films that will capture the magic of your special day. 

Please take a moment to watch the videos below. We offer great value and a brilliant product. We will do whatever it takes to give you the video keepsake your wedding day deserves.

Thanks Again,

Irish Eye Wedding Videos

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Choose from our range of packages to find the option that works best for you


All the key moments of your special day

Arrival Of Guests

Capture the bridal party and guests arriving for the service in a discreet non intrusive style

Full Ceremony

Record the entire service with a two camera setup to capture every special moment

Post Ceremony Pictures

Capture little moments between well wishers and formal photographs at the ceremony venue

Pre Reception

Pre dinner drinks and toasts and a chance to explore the location for beautiful shots of the bride and groom together.


Record the wedding party’s entrance and introductions along with the full speeches and location

Industry Leading Equipment

We use industry leading, professional video and sound equipment that guarantee the best results

USB Delivery

Receive your final HD video on a bespoke USB stick

30 Minute Video

We will provide a 30-45 minute video showcasing the highlights of your day

Professional Service

We are excellent communicators and dedicated professionals. We will work with you through your day to ensure you get the absolute best finished product that we can deliver

Cinematic Style Filming

We are creative and passionate filmmakers, delivering  a filmic look to your special day from intimate portrait shots to the closing cinematic credits






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Expanded coverage of the day and extra state of the art equipment

Essential Package +

Includes all the features of the regular package with exciting extras designed to bring your wedding video to the next level

Late Reception

Capture the action on the dance floor and around the reception until 10pm 

After Hours

If you need more time on the night we offer an hourly fee of €50 

Bridal Preparation

One of our filmmakers joins the bridal party before the ceremony to capture the preparations and excitement before the big moment

4k Ultra HD Futureproofing

We make sure your video stays at the cutting edge of home theatre for years to come by filming the day in Ultra HD 4K format 

Pre Planning

Go through your day’s plans in detail with our videographer and decide on the shots and styles that are most important to you.

Multiple Disk Formats

Your choice of a bespoke DVD or boxed USB stick delivery of your final videos

Two Final Videos

Receive a five minute short to share on social media and a feature length (60-90 mins) long video

Private Cloud Hosting

Password protected upload of videos to share privately with family and friends

Full Speeches

Your long video will include a full copy of the after dinner speeches with excellent, professional audio quality



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Two videographers ensure we cover every moment of your big day in spectacular fashion.

Premium Package +

Includes all the features of the premium package with insightful extras that expand your wedding day video into a personal love story reaching far beyond the wedding day

Late Late Reception

Capture the action on the dance floor and around the grounds until midnight – perfect if you have something exciting planned for late in the evening 

4 Camera Setup

Every angle covered, don’t miss a thing

Face to Face Planning

Meet face to face to discuss your wedding video plans

Extra Videographer

Two videographers covering the entire day giving you complete coverage from multiple angles 

4k Video Drone

Bring the production value of your video to the next level with sweeping fly-bys and soaring cinematic shots

Groom Preparation

 Cover both sides of the bridal party as they build up to the big moment

Friends Booth

Personal well wishes, greetings, and ill-conceived impromptu singing performances from your nearest and dearest recorded on the night

Extended Speeches and Ceremony

Get an extended unedited copy of speeches and ceremony for posterity

Multiple USB Sticks

Your choice of up to 3 sticks (or DVD) to share with family and friends of your final videos

Soundtrack Recording

We will record your wedding music from the ceremony on multi directional professional microphones and provide the songs as individual audio tracks in your final package

Pick Your Team

Select two videographers of your choice from our team and they’ll be there



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The best we've got, to give you the best there is.

Platinum Package +

Everything we have, every base covered, and every effort made to leave you with a bespoke one of a kind poignant and beautiful keepsake 

Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre wedding shoot to help us tell your love story

Source Footage

Receive all of the raw footage from the day so you can relive every. single. moment…

8mm Film

Get an extra retro 8mm video with a melancholic tone showing some of the quieter moments of the day. 

Three's a Crowd

A team of three working all day on your wedding using a five camera setup for time lapses, hyper lapses, and other artistic, beautiful shots

Extended Pre Planning

Meet up in the weeks before your wedding to scout ideal locations, discuss key moments of the day and plan out every shot

Rain Check

If your wedding day comes wet (hello Ireland) we’ll come back on a sunny day for wide drone shots of your locations and of our couple

Hand drawn Credits

We will design a one off credits sequence for you and you alone, based on your wedding theme, interests, and personality

Soundtrack Recording

We will record your wedding music from the ceremony on multi directional professional microphones and provide the songs as individual audio tracks in your final package

Speedy Delivery

Your work will go straight to the top of our queue, and you will start receiving your first videos back within 14 days, an industry leading turnaround time.




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  • Jacqueline

     Omg it brought a tear to my eye, thank u so much Evan and Mary, it is amazing. I love it

  • Jamie

    It is an epic wedding video, thanks so much again. It is evident that you are a true professional and a master of your craft. 

  • Ashling

    I actually cannot express how delighted we are with the videos, you captured the day so beautifully… thank you! 

  • Tara

    Evan, we have just watched the video. What can I say…you are seriously talented. I have seen other people’s videos and it doesn’t have a patch on ours! Thank you for all your hard work and for making it so special!!

  • Derek

    It’s brilliant Evan! Tara loves it, so do I. Thanks so much.

  • Ailbhe

    We love it! Thanks so much. Pearse and Evan you have done an amazing job!! We can’t wait to share with everyone!!!!!. 

  • Mags

    We cannot thank you enough! We have already recommended these guys to a few people and will continue to do so as they were just so easy to work with.

  • Mike

    The overall video was of exceptional quality and delivered in very quick time. We strongly recommend Irish Eye Wedding videos!



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Want to say hello? Want to know more about us? Give us a call or drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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087 6877492




What cameras do you use?
Unlike most Irish wedding videographers we DO NOT use DLSR cameras. Instead, we use professional, industry leading DIGITAL FILM CAMERAS from Blackmagic Cameras. The difference in quality between the two is immediately apparent in any side by side comparison. Our cameras are called the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K if you want to find out more about them.
What other equipment do you use?
We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of technology. We use stabilizing gimbals to give you amazingly smooth tracking shots on the fly. We also use a 4K drone (or quadcopter) to get sweeping cinematic shots in some of our packages, weather permitting.

We operate on the mantra of ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ and so all of our equipment is reliable, state of the art technology that takes the worry out of filming.
How late will you stay in the evening?
This depends on the package. We stay until different times with all of our packages ranging from 10pm until 2am. If you need us to stay for an extra hour on the night there is a charge of €50 per hour after the original time.
Are you insured?
Irish Eye Wedding Videos are fully insured with public liability and professional indemnity coverage. This puts everyone’s mind at ease and allows us to focus on what’s important on the day, your video.
What music do you use?
We use whatever songs are most important to you. We will consult with you and pick the songs that go best with the mood of your video. Evan has a huge personal interest in music and an encyclopedic knowledge of niche indy music so if you’re feeling stuck or unsure he’ll be delighted to help you out with some suggestions.
What are the costs?
Please consult the ‘Packages’ section to compare the prices of our different options.
Are there any hidden costs?
Absolutely not. What we quote is what you pay. There is a travel expenses fee if your wedding is more than 100km from Dublin but this will be explained and our prices will include this when we take your booking.
Do you film all over Ireland?
We are happy to film anywhere in Ireland.  There is a charge of 50c per km if you are further than 100 km from Dublin.
You said you film in 4K. What is 4K?
4K, or UHD, is Ultra High Definition. Put simply, it means your video will be a lot more detailed than a video shot in normal HD. It also means your video will still look great in years to come when 4K televisions and computers have become the standard.
Why should I go with Irish Eye Wedding Videos?
We have a dedicated and inspired staff using the very best filming equipment available and, quite simply, we believe we are making the most exciting and cinematic wedding videos in Ireland right now.

We are extremely easy people to work with, we’re always smiling, and we absolutely love what we do. There are cheaper alternatives out there but we believe our prices offer absolutely fantastic value for a premium product. You only get the chance to do this once (hopefully!) so it’s really important to get the very best you can on the day.
How do I book?
Please drop us an email or call us on 087 6877492. See our contacts page for more info.